T3 Coaching Services

T3 Tri Coaching focuses on a limited number of athletes to provide personalized and focused coaching services.    

T3 Tri Coaching offers 3 types of coaching services: 1) Personalized Monthly Coaching, 2) an Individualized Event Training Plan for a specific upcoming event and 3) Hourly One on One Coaching for current athletes.  

The process starts with a joint interview to make sure we are right for each other.  After our discussion, we will decide on the right coaching approach and start our journey toward success.  

Personalized Monthly Coaching Service: 

After the initial athlete assessment, where we will look at your goals, life commitments, training history and other factors, we will do some testing groundwork and create a customized training plan for your key race(s).  The detailed plan will work through the various phases of preparing for a race with daily workout plans for each cycle.  We will monitor your workouts, training data and recovery throughout with weekly communications to discuss how you are progressing and make sure you are on track to success.  As your key race(s) approaches, we'll review course, equipment and nutrition strategies to make your game plan for the big day.  T3 Tri Coaching will help you in all aspects of getting to the start line and ultimately to the finish line.  

  • Detailed athlete assessment
  • Customized training plan with daily workouts
  • Weekly communication and monitoring of progress
  • Key race course, equipment and nutrition plan
  • 10 years of experience to help with your questions whenever they arise

Monthly Coaching Services: $175/month with a minimum of 4 month commitment.         

Individual Event Training Plans:

If you decide you just need a little structure to help with your training for a big event, then the Individualized Event Training Plan is the right choice for you.  After the initial athlete assessment and testing data is completed, an Individualized Training Plan for a specific event (12 to 24 weeks long depending on distance) is created with daily workouts.   We review the plan together so you understand the workouts and progression, and you'll have access to additional help via email or phone to make sure you're on the right track.   

  • Athlete assessment
  • Customized training plan with daily workouts
  • Email and phone communications with the coach 

Individual Event Training Plan:  $300 which includes initial setup fees.  

‚ÄčOne on One Sessions:

If you are looking for a little more guidance or need some additional help, individual workout sessions or coaching consulting are available at $50/hr to coached athletes.