About T3 Tri Coaching

After years of learning and sharing advice, T3 Tri Coaching was formed to take the passion to the next level.  Whether it's your first triathlon or your 50th and you just need some help, T3 Tri Coaching will lead you to success.  

T3 Tri Coaching is based in Cary, North Carolina and focuses on serving local athletes in the greater Triangle region - Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Wake Forest.  While the coaching services focus on half IRONMAN 70.3 or full IRONMAN 140.6 races, T3 Tri Coaching is happy to assist on other triathlon or endurance running/biking events.  

At T3, the athlete comes first in a collaborative personal approach to coaching.  After the initial assessment of the athlete's goals, life commitments and capabilities, an individualized training program is created.  We work on a communication structure, a progression monitoring and a testing plan.  At the end of the process, we will work on the racing strategies and nutrition plan for your goal race(s).   

As a IRONMAN Certified Coach and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach with over 12 years of experience in endurance and IRONMAN racing, T3 Tri Coaching can help you reach your finish line.

You can find more information on the coach in the Coach Brian section.  Learn more about your potential by reaching out to T3 Tri Coaching.  

Coach Brian